Pesticide Application Technology Lab

Pesticide Application Technology Laboratory

The Pesticide Application Technology Laboratory, constructed in 2012, exists to support the safe and efficacious application of approximately 900 million pounds of active ingredient applied annually to U.S. cropland through sound and scientifically proven research methods. The lab conducts a combination of laboratory, greenhouse, and field drift trials along with greenhouse and field efficacy trials to understand how to best maximize efficacy from pesticides while minimizing the unintended effects from those applications.

The Pesticide Application Technology Laboratory is located at the West Central Research, Education and Extension Center in North Platte and builds on over four decades of pesticide application research. The mission of the lab is to better understand how to control weeds, diseases and insects in agricultural production systems most effectively. The research of the lab is geared toward improving application practices which will maximize pesticide efficacy through the use of nozzle selection, spray solution, pressure and sprayer modifications. Concurrently, the lab is also focused on finding application practices which will minimize pesticide drift and environmental contamination.

The lab collaborates with a wide range of institutions globally to find the best solutions for pesticide applicators to manage pests.

  • Dr. Kruger working at the Low speed wind tunnel
    Dr. Kruger working at the Low speed wind tunnel
  • PAT Lab Greenhouse
    Inside the PAT Lab Greenhouse