Tools and Training

mobile phones with Droplet app screenshots displayed

Nebraska App: UNL Ground Spray Estimates Droplet Size

Free droplet size calculator custom iPhone and Android application (app) created to aid growers and applicators by allowing users to quickly determine the droplet size and quality of an application using user-defined parameters.

PAT mobile lab

PAT Mobile Training Lab

The PAT Mobile Training Lab has a dedicated truck and enclosed trailer available for travel across the US to provide educational opportunities for pesticide applicators. It consists of a complete self-sustained set of equipment, including tables, chairs, a projector and screen. It houses a 4-wheeler with a sprayer and also includes a newly constructed miniature wind tunnel and a spray table equipped with lighting, pulse width modulation and other current technologies.

flight simulator

New flight simulator at The Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln Pesticide Application Technology Laboratory

Our new pesticide application flight simulator is capable of replicating realistic airplane environments using our multi-purpose simulator and aid in nozzle selection and best application practices. Simulation may be adjusted to meet specific training requirements.